PB Sunday at the NIA!

Owen managed to secure another personal best performance of 6 mins 32.6 seconds for the 2000m at the British Indoor Rowing Championships at the NIA, Birmingham on Sunday 26th October.

This proved to be another exciting event in which you’re not only competing against yourself, but just over 100 others at any one time! There were nearly 2000 competitors taking part on the day with the first race starting at 9am and the last 5.30pm.

“Its the complete opposite from my last marathon challenge and is over before you know it. By the end you’re breathing so hard your lungs feel like they’re going to explode and because of its anaerobic nature, you feel sick from the build up of lactic acid!”

CONGRATULATIONS also goes to Stephen Murray who I managed to persuade and train up for his first time at the Championships. He clocked 7 mins 09.7 seconds smashing 9 seconds off his previous best and is continuing to make amazing progress with his fitness this year.

Stephen is keen to enter again next year and has already set himself a target, “I’m going to do it next year and try to get under 7 minutes.” he said.

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