Paris Marathon 5th April 2009

OWEN GETS ANOTHER PERSONAL BEST IN A TIME OF 3:04.45 finishing in the top 4.8%!

 The weather was spot on really and the crowds as encouraging as ever shouting ALLEZ ALLEZ!

After hitting the wall in each of my 3 previous marathons, I knew that things had to change. Its not fun and makes you think never again. So after struggling during the last 6 miles of last years London I went back to the drawing board.

FACT – the lighter you are, the less energy you require

Therefore I managed to somehow lose just over a stone from last year in order to help the cause, which meant that I was burning off less calories per mile.

Secondly I did a very strict carbohydratye loading strategy consuming 10g per kg body weight for the 2 days before. Macronutrients were split into 70% carbs, 20% fat and 10% protein. This equated to just over 4800 kcal per day

Thirdly – The negative split

During the marathon it takes several miles before your muscles and joints are fully warmed up and performing efficiently. Therefore the negative split i.e. running the second half of the race faster than the first, ensures that carbohydrate reserves are spared for the essential last few miles. You will also get lighter as the race goes on as you lose weight from both sweat, carbohydate stores and the gels or drinks carried.

Lastly- Fuelling, before, during and after, which I believe to be the final key piece of the puzzle.

The products I have been using this time around which I can’t recommend enough are the ZipVit ZV range. The products really deliver and taste good too.

I’m still heavy for a marathon runner and running at speed burns calories big style! The ZipVit gels deliver 154 kcals per gel which fuelled me to the end without hitting the wall.

I finished this marathon with a smile on my face rather than a painful grimace.

Bring on Berlin!

20th September 2009

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