OJ Teaches 12 Hour Charity Spinathon

On Saturday 23 July 2011 from 7am to 7pm I took part in and taught 12 x 1 hour studio cycling classes at Hoar Cross Hall Health Spa, Staffordshire. It was a charity event aimed at raising funds for ‘TEAM HARRY’

Harry is a local 10 year old boy who fell ill with respiratory failure and cardiac arrest as a result of a chest infection. After several days in intensive care he came through but sustained brain injury and now needs intensive rehabilitation to maximise his potential recovery

It was a long day. I’d like to thank everyone that took part. Claire Atkin and Laura Crutchley also managed to do the full 12 hours whilst others (Andy and Sally Selby) did 7 hours, 4 hours or even just one hour – it all helped. People came, went and then came back again throughout the day.

I’d also like to say a huge thank-you to Zipvit Sport who supplied us with their great tasting and effective energy products (energy drinks, bars and chews) that helped to keep us going and fuel us through the day.

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