London Marathon 2012

The 2012 London Marathon is 7 days away now and with the last 10 mile run done and dusted its time to take the foot off the gas and enjoy an easy weeks training/taper.

This year I will be running with a good friend of mine, Martin for whom it will be his first marathon!

A few years ago, Martin had completed the Great North Run and feared the prospect of ever running twice that distance. Never the less he was determined to conquer it so I drew up a training plan for him and his quest for London began.

Originally Martin had set himself a target of getting around in under 5 hours. However as the training miles were put in and after a fantastic run at the Retford Half Marathon (1:51) and successfully completing our last long training run of 24 miles in the snow, wind and rain, he is now ready to tackle London and we’re looking around the 4 hours 10 mark.

I’m really looking forward to helping Martin achieve his goals and capturing that amazing feeling as we run past Westminster and along the final mile up to Buckingham Palace!

Owen James ALL-for-YOU is available for help or advice on running, marathon training, sports nutrition, energy gels, carbohydrate loading, marathon race strategy.

I’m also available for sports massage therapy which helps with injury prevention and recovery during your marathon training programme.

Owen James MISRM, BSc Loughborough








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