Sheffield Half Marathon 27.5.12

After a period of 18 months away from running due to competing in the Welsh, English and British Indoor rowing championships, this Sunday see Owen James return to action in his first competitive half marathon.

Having shed a stone of the weight, muscle and power needed in the rowing, I am now beginning to feel like I can run again. The weight is very much needed on the rowing machine but has certainly slowed me down on the running front!

Its was extremely hard to put muscle weight on whilst doing 12 training sessions per week. I was forever eating and drinking high calorie shakes. I was becoming bored of eating as that was a major focus every day!

Since stopping the shakes and endless snack throughout the day, I am probably now consuming 2500kcal less per day. This has lead to a substantial weight loss already and I’m now ready to get back on track with the running.

I won’t run a personal best this weekend but will certainly be pushing myself to the limit to see where I’m at and then will look to bulid on that over the next 12 months.


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