Peterborough Half Marathon 14.10.12

With near perfect conditions and a flat course, everything was set for a fantastic race. I had managed to shed the last of my rowing weight and was ready for the off.

Approximately 4,000 runners raced through the flat streets of Peterborough, supported by thousands of spectators along the course cheering everyone on.

A new route was also introduced, giving people better spectator views as well as runners a chance to improve on their previous personal best times. Entries came in from all over the UK and overseas with runners coming from Italy, France, Sweden, America, Hong Kong and Kenya.

I was to run this race with my head, keeping an eye on my pace but more importantly on my heart rate. I started near the front and shot off jostling for a good position. After a couple of miles the field was nicely strung out and I was able to settle into my running. I was on track and actually holding myself back so as not to blow up later.

I kept my heart rate constant throughout and it wasn’t until the last 3 miles where it drifted up a couple of beats. By then I was ‘racing’ to the finish setting a new personal best of 1:17.54 and smashing 2 minutes of my Stafford half marathon time set way back in 2008!

My next goal is to break 1:17

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