London Marathon 2013

I entered the race this year with a plan of running round with Zipvit Sports Brand Manager. However as the event drew closer is was apparent that due to illness he was no longer going to be able to take part. This was not a problem as I had done the training and if I’m honest was itching to have a go at seeing what I could do. The only spanner in the works was the fact that I’d have to start back in pen 3 which would mean that it would be a slow start.

Marathon day approached and conditions were ideal with only a slight breeze. I went straight to the front of pen 3 but this didn’t really help matters as I could see runners ahead of me who I’d finish at least more than half an hour ahead of.

After a frustrating first half of trying to pass the slower runners I could see the 3hr pacer ahead. However it was not until around mile 18 that I was able to get past the ‘wall’ of runners that had accumulated behind them!
Once past I was able to up my pace a run more freely.

Over the last 7km the following stats speak for themselves

I passed 348 runners
Only 1 passed me!

I finished with ‘a sprint’ and with a smile on my face.
It was the easiest marathon I’d run and the most enjoyable


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