Sandal Beat 10k 2013

This was to be a more scenic off-road 10k through Sandal Beat woods and trail paths. I was looking to run hard and test myself after a huge block of track training and new increased mileage of 70 miles/week.

There was a field of around 240 runners but as we got away the usual suspect of Gav Felton and Chris Cotton flew off with me in hot pursuit! Their initial pace was too much for me so I settled into my own rhythm and left them to it. As we ran into the woods, my garmin was showing all sorts of paces as the GPS singnals were scrambled. I didn’t panic as I was still able to monitor my ‘effort’ through my HR monitor readings. 177,178,177 and it was feeling comfortably hard.

With around 2 miles or so to go I seemed to be catching 2nd place (Chris) and so pushed on and found that I’d caught him with just over a mile to go. He shouted to me that I could catch 1st place, so I increased my effort further and did just that with about 800m to go. I was on a high and as we turned into the rugby club I managed to put in a final sprint and managed to win in 35:00.

This is probably the best tactically run race and best finish to date.

HR training and racing had played a huge part.

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