5 weeks to Soria – European Sprint Duathlon Championships

11 nights in Cyprus has been just what the doctor ordered! I’ve managed to string a few decent sessions together and feel more confident about stepping it up when I’m back home.I’ve finally finished my third course of antibiotics. No more pills please!

Hopefully my final piece of bad luck came yesterday. I had a puncture whilst doing hill reps on my bike. However to my amazement a local Cypriot who was sat on his front porch saw me struggling and came to the rescue. He didn’t speak a word of English but managed to send me on my way. Unfortunately it was flat again ten minutes later and I had to run the rest pushing my bike (good transition training!).

I’m looking forward to getting back on my bike and practicing running off the bike and the all important transitions which are still pretty new to me but can cost you a lot of time.

Thanks to my sponsors

Partsworld uk https://www.partsworld-uk.com

Home works Financial Solutions Ltd http://www.homeworksfinancialservices.com

Footprint Properties Ltd. http://m.footprintproperties.co.uk

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