Sports Massage Derby

On Tuesday’s Owen travels mobile to your home in Derby and works with people who lead a hectic lifestyle and who have built up lots of tension over the weeks and months as a result. He also currently works with people who participate in sport/health & fitness activities. The aim is to release muscle tension and restore balance to the musculo-skeletal system.

Regular maintenance sessions may help athletes prevent injuries, which might otherwise be caused by overuse. A constant build-up of tension in the muscles from regular activity may lead to stresses on joints, ligaments and tendons, as well as the muscles themselves. These muscle imbalances may develop and often go undiagnosed until they are serious enough to cause the athlete discomfort or impede performance.

A skilled massage therapist will be able to detect variations in the soft tissues and by using the correct techniques, help the athlete maintain a much healthier physical state. Sports massage should play an important part in the life of any sportsman or woman whether they are injured or not. Massage has a number of physical, physiological and psychological benefits;

· Treating postural deviations
· Relieving pain
· Deactivating trigger points
· Reducing stress and anxiety
· Improving performance generally
· Injury prevention
· Injury rehabilitation
· Increased well being
· Warming up and stimulating the body before a competition
· Relaxing and de-congesting the body after exertion
· Improving recovery between training and competition
· Restoring energy when fatigued

Initial consultation and treatment £45 (duration 45 mins)
Follow up appointments

£30 (duration 60 mins)

£38 (duration 45 mins)

£45 (duration 60 mins)

£70 (duration 90 mins)

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