26th October 2008 British Indoor Rowing Championship (NIA – Birmingham)

On Sunday 26th October 2008, Owen will be taking part in the British Indoor Rowing Championship which is the world’s biggest indoor rowing race and the largest indoor sporting event in the UK, with over 2,000 competitors racing at the National Indoor Arena in Birmingham over the course of just one day. It takes place in a high-octane environment with races going on throughout the day where competitors race up to 2,000m in the quickest possible time, and it provides a stage for indoor rowing enthusiasts to test themselves on a national level and assess their own performance and progress.

This will be Owen’s fourth time as he tries to beat his personal best of 6:35.1 which he recorded in 2004.

Owen said, “Its a tough distance, you have to get the pacing right. Go out too hard and the last 500m are shear hell!….once I see 200m to go I will be going all out!”

“Its an amazing event with participants ages ranging from 14 to 90 years”………I enjoy trying to beat my own previous personal bests but especially competing against and beating people who have been rowing for years!”

A special mention and message of good luck goes to Stephen Murray who will be competing for the first time. He has made tremendous progress this year and will be looking for a time around the 7:18 mark.

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